Lack of blood & oxygen in infected area is THE CAUSE OF ALL PAIN



Therapeutic Benefits of Carefit Far-Infrared Therapy


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Stress is huge reason millions of people die each year. Many diseases are the result of simple stress. In the opinion of some people in the medical world, up to 75% of all diseases are caused by stress. Stress can be greatly reduced, or eliminated, by using Long Wave Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ion Treatment. By perspiring and relaxing, a satisfied mental and physical feeling is experienced. Many beneficial effects include weight loss, body odor elimination, improved skin condition, elimination of harmful minerals from the body, energy replaces fatigue, various symptoms of lumbago disappear and you end up feeling refreshed & better.

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Increases Blood Flow

Pharmacologists say that improving blood circulation is very difficult. Far infrared rays have a deep penetrating effect & promote blood circulation which invigorates cells and eliminates waste materials and harmful fat.

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Hypertension and arteriosclerosis are major causes of heart disease and kindey trouble in middle aged people. Improved blood circulation will lower blood pressure and the autonomic nervous system is greatly helped by the heating effect.

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Low Blood Pressure

Symtoms of low blood pressure are frequent dizziness and fatigue. There is normally no cure except for rest and enough sleep. The heat treatment method will promote perspiration and give energy to the body returning blood pressure to normal.

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Dementia, Mental Disease of the Elderly

It is believed that Long Wave Infrared Rays improve blood circulation and metabolism which reduce symptoms of senility by 60%.