Lack of blood & oxygen in infected area is THE CAUSE OF ALL PAIN



9 Ball Jade Acupressure Thermal Device

This thermal massage is one of the oldest 9 ball thermal massager which consists of original 9 jade stones. These 9 jade stones produces far infrared rays when heated inside with the help of halogen lamps. Temperature is easily controlled with the help of analog controller on its right side. The temperature windows keeps on displaying the current temperature. It has a built-in voltage controller and is Auto-Cutoff device.

It is one of the cheapest manual thermal massager available with us and works with same healing benefits as experienced by the people from some korean companies. This is achieved by making its size small and using the same technology and working principle.

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Working Principle:

When the jade stones are heated, the jade thermal massager emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 3 inches below the skin. Deep penetrating, far-infrared heat excite molecules to increase their energy. Increased energy excite body cells. These excited cells gives rise to the various benefits.

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Features & Package Contents

1. 9 Jade Balls in this jade projector massager.
2. You can increase or decrease the temperature with a rotating knob in the control panel.
3. Digital Temperature Display
4. This projector is designed with a special low height feature with smooth effect on back.
5. Auto Cut Off Time feature after 30 min, 1 hour or 12 hour can be set form the panel.
6. Special Anion & Ultra wave Feature in this model like seragem
7. Packed in a elegant & stylish cardboard box.

Therapy Benefits:

This portable jade projector gives all types of benefits like relief in chronic pains, increased blood circulation, reduces stress, toxins removal & an increase in the immunity of our body. Far infrared heat reduces stress by loosening the muscles & relaxing the complete body. Increasing body immunity also makes our body capable of fighting with various types of diseases also. This is fully compatible with ceragem P390 model with inbuilt time & temperature setting.  This jade massager is highly beneficial in all type of pains & various diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cervical, sciatica, constipation, piles, arthritis, back pain, migraine, insomnia etc to name a few.